Our Purpose

Grace Kids: A Church for Children takes a whole-child approach to spiritual instruction and discipleship.  It is our goal to create authentic disciples that are leaders in all facets of their lives; whether in the church, in the school, or in the community.  We are also big on fun!  Allowing our children the opportunity and space to be kids!

What We Believe

The pastors, directors, and volunteers at Grace Kids: A Church For Children are united in their belief that all children:


Have the Power to be disciples


Have the Power to be leaders


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Have the Power to remind the church of the wonder, power and excitement of our faith and relationship with jesus church



Have the Power to change the world



We believe that Jesus had a very good reason to use a child as the answer to the question, “Who is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?” (Matthew 18:1-5)  Faith comes easy for children, it is enough to believe simply because “Jesus said so!”  Their faith is vibrant, full of imagination, power, energy, excitement, and joy. Things too many of us are missing in our own journeys; things we have forgotten.


We believe that by investing an entire church and ministry to children we are not only facilitating the growth of their faith in real and tangible ways, but we are also facilitating their ability to shape the Church of tomorrow.

Here is a link to our beliefs as United Methodists…What We Believe